I Am Not Like the Others...

“Sustainability, ethical business and profitability form the foundation of all our endeavours. We seek out companies and people who share those values.”

The Ænders & Co. portfolio:

About Ænders & Company

We are a team of former exec’s and serial entrepreneurs, dedicated to adding value and enjoying our collaborations with our partners, investments and clients.

We are driven by success, but in a sustainable and human way. We value and embrace equality, honesty and the ambition to deliver on common goals.

Management support

Ænders & Co. is specialised in management support and provides transformation services for companies transitioning to large(r) scale operations and internationalisation of activities.

Agency & Distribution

Ænders & Co. manages several Agent and Distribution partner companies for the commercialisation of Industrial and FMCG markets. We help successful companies with Go-To-Market strategies and (International) Business Development support, i.e., setting up business networks and supply chain entries, and Agent/Distribution agreements..

GlobalBridge Services & Funding

GlobalBridge is the name of our comprehensive set of services, encompassing facilitating connections between international orientated companies in search for suitable investors or potential strategic partners, or the other way around; connecting investors to the right companies of their desire.

By leveraging our extensive global network and expertise, GlobalBridge not only initiates these connections but also provides valuable assistance throughout the entire process. From structuring deals and crafting strategic alliances, to skilfully guiding contract negotiations and facilitating international M&A or investment deals.

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